Bwana Athol Buffalo Hunter

By Neil Harmse

Well done Bwana Athol ! congratulations on your successful Buffalo hunt.

Athol was given the opportunity to hunt Buffalo in the Sand Veld Nature Reserve.Never having hunted Buffalo before and having heard all the scary stories of what can happen when things go wrong, he was understandably nervous and asked good friend and fellow hunter, Gary Hagemann to go along as a back-up.Most of Sand Veld reserve is marsh and reedbeds where these Buffalo while away their time for shelter and feed. This makes hunting them very difficult.

Well, after almost a week of observation, spotting, tracking and getting almost within spitting distance of some big bulls without being able to get a clear shot, his luck finally changed and he spotted three bulls in a moderately clear area. As luck would have it they were standing and moving in such a way that any shot may have had the chance of penetrating through and wounding one behind. All at once another bull, not yet noticed, stepped into the open presenting a clear shot. Athol took aim for the neck and at the shot the bull turned and ran into the reeds. Now came the difficult, nerve-racking follow up on the blood spoor which showed copious amount of arterial blood making it obvious that an artery had been pierced.

Then came the welcome sound of a death-bellow. and after more careful stalking Athol found his buffalo lying dead.Well done Athol ! You hunted your Buffalo honestly, the way it should be done, on foot in the thick stuff, and you have had one of the greatest experiences a true hunter can have.

Athol would like to extend a special thanks to Peter Becker who gave him the opportunity for this once in a life-time experience.