New Gun Showroom

By Neil

The new Gun Showroom for Sixes and Sevens has been completed and it now allows easier access and a better display for the range of shotguns, rifles and handguns on offer. 

Guns such as shotguns can be viewed and a selection can be made which is then taken to the adjoining room for handling and fitting. This room is spacious and allows guns to be shouldered and swung without fear of bumping on racks and shelves. Staff can then check the fit of the gun to the client and give hints and advice on gun mounting and handling.
The adjoining showroom is still being fitted and should soon be completed to allow customers to browse and view the range of products available.  These products include gun cleaning kits, guncare products, oils, brushes, jags, shooting glasses, hearing protection, gun cases and cartridge bags, game bags, gun protective sleeves, and more. New products will be added to the range as and when they become available.