Tim Hubner.. Does It Again

By Tim

Hi David and Lynn

I hope my email finds you well.

Lynn, firstly I have to thank you again for organising the South African teams ammunition for the World Compak in Hungary! We met with your agent Peter after a very long flight on Sunday afternoon. He welcomed us into his shop with ice cold beer and refreshments and our ammo was marked for each individual shooter. He gave us great advice on the type of targets we can expect in the event and recommended that a pocket full of Pro Piston’s might come in handy for those tricky close range targets that they to try catch shooters with. 

I just wanted to give you guys some feedback on the year I’ve had and thank Team Hull South Africa for their ongoing support over this year:

I have been participating in our local trials in both Compak Sporting and FITASC sporting. I am very chuffed to mention that in the last 15 months I have managed to win every shoot I have entered. In February Valley gun club hosted the African Champs for both Compak and FITASC, the shoot was attended by about 60 entries from abroad and included a few of the big names in the European shooting circuit. After the 200 targets of FITASC I found myself in a shoot off with George Digweed, Martin Papworth and Remigiusz Wlodarczyk for first place. The shoot off did not quite go as I had hoped and finished 4th overall. I knew I still had 200 targets of Compak to come and knew I would have to give it my all to try stay ahead of this tough field. I managed to finish the Compak on a good score of 195/200 followed closely by Andras Szerdahelyi, Martin Papworth and George Digweed all on a 194/200. Along with winning the Compak I also managed to win the African Cup. The African cup is made up of a country’s official Grand Prix, as well as a continental championship, 400 targets in total combined.

On the 17th of August we boarded the plane at OR Tambo to attend the World Compak Championship in Hungary, as I had attended a competition at the same range in 2017 I knew we were in for a very beautiful competition in the forests of the town Galgamacsa. Arriving at the range on Tuesday we noticed that as brightly as the targets stood out on the dark green background it was by no means going to be an “easy” 200 targets, the range setter went out of his way to make sure you would have to work for a good score. Before starting a Compak shoot, competitors always in the back of there mind hope that they will not ‘’draw the short straw’’ and have to start the competition with the one single two simultaneous pairs layout, which I did! Missing the whole first pair on the second stand I was very happy to come away wit a 23/25. With having gone 48/50 on the first three days of the Championship and really feeling I was one target light on each day, I did manage a solid 50/50 on the last day to have a total 194/200, which I was very happy with. Out of the 776 competitors I managed a 5th place over all, and was extremely chuffed when I was told that I had won the Beretta World cup followed by Andras Szerdahelyi and George Digweed. The World cup is made up of three competitions, a country’s official Grand prix, a continental championship and the World Championship, 600 targets combined.

It brought me great joy at the prize giving to learn that another Hull shooter had won their first World Title, Massive Congratulations to Amy Easeman on her win!

I would like to Thank not only you David and Lynn for the support I receive from Hull Cartridges but the whole team at Hull South Africa. It is a real privilege to have the support of such a fine brand of ammunition and I would not have been able to achieve so many great results without your assistance over the past few years. Hull Cartridges has become the first choice of the competitive shooters in South Africa. I look forward to the upcoming shooting season and will keep you posted on the big events.

Thanks again and all the best to the Team at Hull

Tim Hubner.