Rand Agri Farmers Day

By Athol

Rand Agri Farmers Day at Dubula Lodge – Middelberg

On Thursday 23rd Rand Agri held a Farmers Day at Dubula Lodge near Middelberg, Mapumalanga. Approximately sixty local farmers attended the day and Rand Agri gave them a seminar on Crops and farming in general.

After the seminar finished the blokes all came outside to have a bit a fun in trying their hands at clay pigeon shooting. After a few practice rounds an informal competition took place, with a few of the chaps being quite good at the discipline. Although scores were not at championship levels, some fair to good scores were recorded and there were nice prizes for those who scored well.

S.A Wingshooters delivered a short address on the merits of wingshooting and touted for new shooting venues amongst the farmers present. Andre vd Westhuizen and Gary Hagemann both from S.A Wingshooters then oversaw the safety and range officer duties during the shooting on the two ranges at Dubula, and even gave a few of the Farmers some pointers in improving their clay shooting. 

We were privileged to display a range of Fausti demo guns, and several of the farmers were really impressed with the performance of the 28ga and 20ga guns in particular, having never before had the opportunity to test these calibres. It became very apparent to all who attended that whatever you can shoot with a 12ga gun, you can shoot with these lighter guns as well.

Hull cartridges supplied a few cases of shells for the testing of these lighter gauges as well.

Dubula Lodge put on a super spread of eats and drinks, and generally a good time was had by all.

We look forward to possibly attending next year’s event as well.