Fausti 12ga Slug Gun

By Athol

FAUSTI 12ga Slug Gun 

In my opinion one of THE most under rated guns on the market. I have used my own Slug gun on the range as well as in the field hunting (yes both clays and birds, and also warthogs). My experience with the little gun is that it is a real all round performer that excels at anything you throw it’s way.

I fired two shots at a farm shooting range from 75m in quick succession, no dead rest used, shots from out of the shoulder (photo attached). And then on a walk and stalk on a warthog. The shot on the warthog was taken at approximately 40m and I deliberately aimed far back on his shoulder in order to save a bit of meat. At the shot the warthog fell as if hit by lightning, then hopped up and ran about twenty or so meters until he ran out of adrenalin. The meat damage was virtually zero, despite a broomstick sized hole through his rib cage. My son Clinton also has a 12ga Fausti Slug gun and after having taken several warthog’s with his, he absolutely swears by it’s performance.


See video clip below :