All New FAUSTI shotgun review


All New FAUSTI shotgun review - We tested four different FAUSTI shotguns in January. Two 12 gauges, a 28 gauge and a 20 gauge. We patterned and shot clays with each. Charles Duff gave his comments: 

First up was the "CLASS". A 30 inch barrelle$ over and under, mid- to upper mid-range gun. The metal and wood finishes very good. The checkering is clean and sharp. Elevated top rib with clean spaces between pillars, which are unusually large. 

The wood has a reasonably attractive pattern. Between the hands it does have a muzzle-heavy feel and is not a light gun - more a clay shooting weapon than a game gun. The engraving and gold inserts on the receiver are well and crisply executed. The gun comes with five multi-chokes and lockable, substantial plastic gun case. Priced around R39,900 including VAT. 

with 28 inch barrels - A delightful weapon, and I am not a side-by-side fan. This little gun's weight is a shade less than 6 pounds, which is essential in a 28 ga gun. Unusual for a sideby- side, a single trigger, which negates my main objection - double triggers! Tasteful scroll-work to the action, which is a true 28 ga size. 

Comes with five multi-chokes, and very good grade of wood with clean sharp checkering. Comes in a generic strong lockable plastic gun case. Priced around R58,800 incl. VAI which is reasonable for this well-made gun. It shoots accurately and had the best pattern of all the guns tested. 

20ga "CONRAD 
Unusual, for today, a 26 inch barrelled gun. Light and very fasV responsive handling, wh ich brought back to mind the 26 inch barrelled Skeet gun that I enjoyed for years. Most enjoyable to shoot. Plainish wood, but par for the price range and crisp checkering. I would prefer a butt plate rather than the rubber recoil pad, but accept that many would disagree. 

Engraving on the silvered receiver is well executed and not F. -/=: excessive or flamboyant. The woodcock aren't to be found in our country, but this is balanced by a francolin engraved on the bottom of the action. This was done in the factory at the insistence of the local agents (Entramarc) and is a great, and unique, concept. The usual five multi-chokes and sturdy lockable plastic case. At around R18,800 lncl. VAT it is a very good buy, and. worth every penny. The 1 2 gauge CONRAD is the same price. 
I did not handle the 12 ga "CONRAD" which, apart from 28 inch barrels, is a scaled-up version of the 20 ga, but with a guinea-fowl engraved on the bottom of the action. 

The 28 and 20 gauges were voted the favourites of all guns and gauges tested. 

Testing specif ications: 

  • No. 712 Hull ammunition was used in all the various gauges/guns tested. 
  • Patterning was done at 40 metres for the '1 2 gauge guns and 25 metres with the other smaller gauges. Guns were tested with the chokes they came with and were not interchanged.

- Charles Duff and the 5A Wingshooters team, which included - Raoul van der Westhuizen, Andrd van der Westhuizen & Jahann van de Giessen