Paul Stones safari

By Athol

Being in the firearm business has it’s advantages ... !!!

Last week I was invited to attend an upland guinea fowl shoot in Limpopo Province by Paul Stones of Paul Stones Safaris. Paul recently purchased a number of 12ga Fausti Conrad O/U shotguns for use in his Safari Business. This decision and service provided by Paul Stones Safari’s eradicates the need for international clients to endure the hassle of actually lugging their own shotguns through airports and alleviates the red tape that usually goes hand in hand in travelling with firearms. Having registered the guns into his Business name it is pretty easy to book out a gun to each client for the days of the shoots in his own firearm register.

I travelled up to Limpopo Province with one of Pauls PH’s, and during this trip came to learn that Paul hand picks his staff with care. His PH was not only courteous, and knowledgeable about his job, but was well versed in a wide variety of subjects. His dedication to assisting his clients expertly in every way results in making their trip an enjoyable one, and delivering these “beyond expectation” results will certainly bring back not only these clients, but also their friends to South Africa again in the future.

Paul runs an incredibly polished and professional service. From having enough experienced staff on hand that are all well versed in how to set up the numerous drives, to positioning the guns exactly where he expects the birds to fly, thus ensuring plenty of action for the guns and stacks of shooting opportunities. Then, after a busy shooting morning, when least expected, he even surprises his group with a delightful picnic brunch with cool drinks, hot coffee, and great sandwiches out in the bushveld, seated under a shady thorn tree, with wildebeest, springbuck, zebra, ostrich, giraffe, impala and warthog all grazing casually nearby ... much to the amazement and delight of his international guests (and myself naturally).

Each day out there we were treated to several successful drives, and I was pleased to notice that Paul keeps a close eye on the numbers of birds being taken. He does not push the same flock enough to negatively affect their breeding population. Truly sustainable hunting ethics.

Needless to say the accommodation was excellent as was the superb catering. Breakfasts were before sunrise in order to get the beaters and guns out into the veld ahead of the birds, and everyone had their fill of about anything one could possibly require, emphasis on (on-the-farm-property) homemade marmalades and jams on fresh toast, cereals, copious amounts of good coffee, bacon and eggs etc blew me away. Lunchtime saw us all back at the lodge where hostess Charlotte and her team of DI as head chef and assistants in the kitchen conjured up many a mouth-watering meal. Sundowners and snacks  comprising of locally produced dry wors, chilli bites, biltong, samoosa’s, chips and dips all accompanied by any drink to whet one’s whistle were always a most welcome respite around the campfire. Supper followed, and as usual Charlotte and her trusty Di never ceased to amaze their guests with the most delicious home made soups, venison dishes, fresh salads, farm style cooked veggies, impala kebabs, and my absolute favourites ...  the delicious Zukini soup and the Guinea Fowl Pie.  Trust me on this, one does not develop my unique physique from being a scrawny eater ... these dishes are to die for !!!

Feedback I gleaned from the hunting clients were that they were happy with the flawless performance of the Fausti shotguns, in fact they were all pretty impressed with the guns overall.

I would certainly recommend a Safari with Paul Stones. I enjoyed a marvellous bird hunting trip.