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Fine Selection of Fausti Guns

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Hull Cartridge - A History of Excellence

Since 1947 we have enjoyed the enviable reputation for manufacturing the best and most consistent shotgun cartridges available on the market today.

Our research and development technicians strive to exceed customer expectations in a market that's constantly changing its requirements. We incorporate the latest technological advances to maximise the performance of each cartridge in our range.

Every specification must undergo extensive field tests before being launched. Rigorous in process and quality control measures are employed throughout the manufacturing process. Every aspect of a cartridge's performance is measured - ignition time, muzzle velocity, peak pressure, time down the barrel, range velocity, and of course the pattern, are all stringently monitored to ensure an unprecedented level of performance and consistency. Performance not pressure!

Here at Hull we use only the highest quality grade of components. Our propellants have been exclusively engineered to optimise performance from each load. Our brief is maximum performance, minimum pressure. Efficient match of primer, powder grade and wad delivers super smooth loads that you can shoot all day. Whether you load a 26gm or a 36gm this season the award winning Drop Dead Gauges range will certainly give you Confidence in the Field.

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