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Fine Selection of Fausti Guns

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Who We Are?

Sixes and Sevens (Entramarc (Pty) Ltd) hold agencies and imports numerous products for the shooting scene. These are Hull shotgun ammunition from UK, Fausti fine shotguns and rifles from Italy, Cowboy action guns, single action revolvers from Pietta, Lever action rifles and shotguns from Chiappa, Double barrel hammer coach guns and slide action rifles from Pedersoli, all from Italy, Napier gun care products from UK, StilCrin gun cleaning kits from Italy, Woodleigh bullets from Australia, Horneber Brass Cases from Germany, and Sackup protective gun sleeves from USA.

We also have the new range of Covey shotgun accessories, quality hand-made gun slips, cartrige bags and range bags.products made with care and durablity for years of sevice in the field and on the range.

The company also supports the development of youth shooting programs through associations such as   SA Wingshooters  and National Hunting & Shooting Association (NHSA) by arranging fund raising programs and offering special discounts to encourage membership growth of these worthwhile organisations.

Our company also supports the fast growing sport of Cowboy Action Shooting by having the guns available and offering discount to CAS club members in order to encourage the membership growth for this exciting and entertaining family sport.

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